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Announcing our new release

At Guide Financial, our core mission is to help America’s next generation achieve a secure financial future. We are excited to roll out a new release that underscores our commitment to advisors serving the next generation. The new release is now available to currently subscribed advisors and will become more broadly available in…

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Cash flow management

Quick Tricks for Better Choices – 4 Obstacles to Smart Cash Management, and How to Help Clients Overcome Them

You can help your clients save more and feel better about their finances without demanding painful (and often counterproductive) sacrifices.  Below, we share 4 quick tricks for steering clients around barriers that keep them from their financial goals. With a bit of craftiness, you can provide more gain with less…

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Build Assets and Impress Clients: A Surprisingly Overlooked Strategy

Helping your clients track their cash flows and accelerate savings contributions can drive steady asset growth and highlight your unique value, keeping you and your clients happy. What’s keeping you from helping your clients save more? A penny saved….drives greater long-term returns The long-term impact of increased client savings rates…

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Superman A for Advisor Alpha

Where Does Your “Advisor’s Alpha” Come From?

It’s getting harder for financial advisors to pitch a skeptical public on their unique investment skills. As it dawns on clients that they would do well to keep their money in index funds and passively managed portfolios, advisors should be focusing on highlighting exactly how they generate “advisor’s alpha” ….

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Secrets to Finding the Financial Advisor You Need

Hiring a financial advisor could potentially save you from hours of headaches, painful financial regret and thousands of dollars in avoidable losses. But it’s often difficult to know whom you can trust for good advice. You need to know your potential advisors’ incentives and duties when you look for professional…

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